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20th Century American Art

20th Century American Prose

American Drama

American History

American Life and Institutions

American Literature of Contact

American Myths: the Making and the Revisioning

American Poetry in the 20th c.

American Radicalism 1925-1955

American Realism

American Science Fiction: Classics and Visionaries

American Short Story

Anti-Realist Revolt in 20th-century

Autobiography and American Individualism

Becoming an American. Immigration Then/Now

The Concept of the West

Contemporary Theory and Cultural Studies

Environmental Arts

Environmental Awareness

Faulkner and His Contemporaries

Feminism in America

Figures of Otherness

Grotesques in Literature

Heretics, pirates and visionaries

History of American Literature


Intellectual History of the United State

Jewish American Fiction

Multiculturalism in America

Native American Literature and Culture

Nature, Technology, and and the American Mind

Neorealism in American Literature

Ocular narratives

Popular Culture in America

Postmodern Science Fiction

Remixing the Fantastic

Social Movements of the 1960s

The Sixties in American Literature and Culture

Theories of American Postmodernism

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. System of Government

Unholy Alliances and Border Crossings

Technology in the U.S.

The Beats and Postmodernity

Topics in Film Studies: The Road Movie

Topics in Film Studies: The Western

Topics in Film Studies: The Cold War

Literature of the Fantastic in the 20th c.

Vampire Cinema

Visions of America