Prof. Jerzy Durczak (chair)

Prof. Jerzy Durczak



M.A. – 1974 – Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin Robert Graves’s Fictionized Biographies

Ph.D. – 1983 – Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań Varieties of Contemporary American Literary Nonfiction

post-doctoral degree – 1994 – Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin Selves Between Cultures: Contemporary American Bicultural Autobiography


Guest lectures

California State University, Bakersfield

Indiana University, Bloomington

University of Joensuu

Flensburg University

San Diego State University

Santa Clara University



1985-86 ACLS Fellowship, State University of New York at Buffalo

1989 – Oriel College, Oxford

1990 – John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin

1992 – John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin

1994 – International Seminar in American Studies: Twentieth-Century American Literature, Los Angeles – Baton Rouge – Washington D.C.

1995-96 – Senior Fulbright Fellowship – Michigan State University


Major publications

Contemporary American Literary Nonfiction, Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS, 1989.

Selves Between Cultures: Contemporary American Bicultural Autobiography, San Francisco-London-Bethesda: International Scholars Publications, 1997.

Polish-American Literary Confrontations, Eds. Jerzy and Joanna Durczak. Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS, 1995.

Rivers and the American Experience. Ed. Jerzy Durczak. Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS, 2000.

American Portraits and Self-Portraits. Eds. Jerzy Durczak and Paweł Frelik Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS, 2002.

(Mis)Reading America: American Dreams, Fictions and Illusions, Eds. Jerzy Durczak, Paweł Frelik. Kraków: Universitas 2011.

“Ihab Hassan: The Art or Risk.” Anglistik. September 2000. 34-44.

“The Third Way: Gloria Anzaldua’s Autobiographical Manifesto.” Alfred Hornung, William Boelhower, eds. Multiculturalism and the American Self. Heidelberg: C.Winter, 2000. 273-282.

“Who Are We (going to become)?: Vasconcelos, Huntington, Rodriguez.” Return to Postmodernism: Theory, Travel Writing, Autobiography, ed. Klaus Stierstorfer. Heidelberg: Universitatverlag WINTER, 2005. 307-316.

“Immigrant autobiographies” (in) Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism. Topics Volume, eds. Thomas J. Schoenberg and Lawrence J. Trudeau. Detroit: Gale 2009. 124-134.

Ten chapters in: Historia literatury amerykańskiej XX wieku, ed. A.Salska. Kraków: Universitas, 2003.



postwar American prose, American short story, Raymond Carver and other New Realists, autobiography, nonfiction writing, ethnic literature, Bruce Springsteen, photography


Membership in scholarly societies

Polish Association for American Studies (1993-1996 Board Member, 1996-2002 President)

The Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas

European Association for American Studies (2003-08 Board Member)

American Studies Association