Carlos Morton

Carlos Morton – the Director of the Center for Chicano Studies and a Professor of Drama at University of California, Santa Barbara. He teaches classes in playwriting and U.S. Latino Theatre. He is a well-known playwright, the author of e.g. Children of the Sun: Scenes and Monologues For Latino Youth, Rancho Hollywood y otras obras del teatro chicano (1999), and Dreaming on a Sunday in the Alameda (2004).


Lublin… UMCS… Memories, memories…. One notable impression was my students correcting me when I referred to Poland as being in “Eastern Europe,” they insisted “Poland is in CENTRAL Europe.”  The other thing that struck me was how all the students had British accent and would use words like “mate, bonnet, and boot” (referring to the car). My American accent felt odd, somehow! Living on Langiewicza Street one block from the university I remember the elderly lady in the apartment next to ours always playing “Radio Maryja” extremely loud. I had to ask my “shepherd” Annia to write her a note asking her to “please turn it down!”  But mostly I recall with fondness the wonderful faculty and students I met at UMCS.