Kevin Christianson


Professor Kevin Christianson is a full professor of English at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tennessee. His teaching and research interests include modern American literature, with emphasis on poetry and short fiction; western literature in translation; and creative writing.  One particular topic of interest is the literature of social and political conscience, particularly authors and artists who speak out against injustice and oppression.  In 2008, with the help of  Dr Halina Ablamowicz, among others, he translated Czechowicz’s “Poemat o Lublinie” / “Poem about Lublin” for posting on the Czechowicz website. In 2009 the bi-lingual edition of the Selected Poems of Andrzej Bursa was published in Kraków.


Thanks to both students and faculty my Fulbright year at UMCS was truly stimulating and rewarding.  I looked forward to each class meeting to learn what reactions to and interpretations of the assigned readings my Polish students had to offer, and I was impressed by their diligence, motivation, and intelligence. Outside the classroom I explored the Starówka’s maze of narrow streets, the castle with its gorgeous chapel, museums and churches, the skansen, and even the sprawling open-air market down at the bus station.  Day trips to Kazimierz dolny, Zamość, Chelm, and the magnificent Kożłówka palace expanded my knowledge and appreciation of eastern Poland’s history and beauty. On a somber note, my visits to Majdanek proved to be as just as moving as those I made to Auschwitz-Birkenau in previous years.  Thank you, UMCS and Lublin!